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In a nutshell

 May 1st 2017

What does it do?

Basic Income deposits each month in your bank account a sufficient amount of cash to live in dignity. Everyone gets it, poor or less poor, worker or not, without condition.

All live in misery, who can't work, can't find employment, or have a precarious or minimum wage job. Even the middle class sees jobs disappearing because of automation. The vast majority of Canadians does not have the economic security that is their's by right.

  May 1st 2017

 Why do we need it?

Do you think it is necessary to be employed to deserve a place in society? Many people work very hard and receive no remuneration. Others have precarious, low-paid jobs, that contribute little to the community. Finally, the famous 1% reaps the fruits of our labour in order to get even richer.

  May 1st 2017

 What are the benefits?
  • Improves health, especially in young children;

  • Reduces poverty;

  • Eliminates economic insecurity;

  • An answer to automation;

  • Provides more opportunities for all;

  • Fosters creativity;

  • It's a human right.


 May 1st 2017

What are the main objections?

According to Albert Hirschmann, any new social policy is initially attacked as being futile, perverse and dangerous. It won’t work, it will have unintended adverse consequences, and it will endanger other goals.
Here is what is objected to Basic Income:

  • It is utopian: So are all new ideas.

  • It would be unaffordable: False. See

  • It would lead to the dismantling of the welfare state: While some proponents on the right might have this in mind, Basic Income can also be seen as a floor of support, not to be set below the current insufficient floor.

  • It distracts from progressive policies such as full employment: This is a statement, not an argument. For alternatives to Basic income, see

  • Advocates naively presume the poor just lack cash: Everyone needs social services. In addition the poor lack cash.

  • It’s stupid to give money to the rich who don’t need it: First, a right is a right, for everyone. Second, most of the money going to the rich would be clawed back in taxes. Finally, targeted programs don’t always reduce poverty and always cost more.

  • It gives people something for nothing: What about inheritance, tax avoidance devices, and “the many other forms of ‘rentier’ income derived solely from possession of assets.”

  • It would lead to more spending on “Bads”: This highly paternalistic argument is contradicted by fact.

  • It would reduce Work: This is also contradicted by fact. 

  • It would lower wages: On the contrary, Basic Income provides workers and potential workers more bargaining power to demand better wages and conditions. Current programs of job creation tax incentives and the Working Income Tax Credit actually do subsidize low wages.

  • It would be inflationary: This argument accounts for the increase in monetary mass without considering the effects of economic stimulation.

Based on Standing, Guy. Basic Income: And How We Can Make It Happen. Chapter 6. Penguin Books Ltd. 2017

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